Notice to the Community

Within the last week, some of you in the community may have noticed that a few of our posts had been bombarded with messages, as well as receiving a few negative reviews out of the blue.

Through online relations, a group of people were under the impression that an employee of ours had been sharing and commenting on racist & harmful posts on social media. This employee in question has not worked for us for three years, and we have not been affiliated or in contact with them since.

Give Me A Chance is a non-profit that helps low-income women learn skills that can lead to self-sufficiency, and its employees do not condone or support racist or discriminatory behavior.

We have since responded to those that have messaged us, and have contacted our legal representative about these circumstances. Many of those that messaged us now understand the current situation, and a lot of the messages have been resolved and deleted. We have also commented on the negative reviews we’ve received, explaining the situation and asking if the reviewers could remove the incorrect reviews. However, they have not. We have filed personal reports with Facebook, as the recommendations are harassing us for the personal actions of unaffiliated persons.

Thank you to the community members that have shown their support and understanding while we recover from these events. For more information about Give Me A Chance & what we do, feel free to browse our website and our Facebook page at