“Golf with the Bishop” Tournament 2021…. Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Golf with the Bishop Tournament on June 12! Folks had a wonderful time outside, the weather was nice and the players were even nicer. Team photos should be sent out to golf team captains who provided their e-mails when signing up, so keep an eye on your inboxes within the next few weeks. A post will be made on our Facebook page when more information is available.

With us wrapping up the end pieces of the 2021 Golf With the Bishop Tournament, we at Give Me A Chance are reviewing the new elements & processes that were implemented this year. Because of them being so new, some things were a bit rough, and will need to be smoothed out with time & effort. The Advisory Board is planning to discuss things that could be added and improved, and we’d like to hear from the community as well! If you participated in the 2021 Golf With the Bishop Tournament- as a player or a volunteer- and you have any suggestions for the upcoming Tournaments, please go to http://www.givemeachanceutah.org/contact/ and submit them to us!