The Guadalupe Garden Shines on Garden Tour



Our Guadalupe Garden had the honor of being chosen to be one of 12 gardens to be on the Ogden Nature Center Garden Tour held on Saturday, June 24, 2017.  Approximately 70 people visited the Garden on that warm sunny day. They came from Salt Lake City, all around Ogden and as far north as Tree Mountain. Laurie VanZandt, the designer of our garden was one of the visitors.

Sue Murphy, Master Gardener, and member of the GIVE ME A CHANCE Advisory Board, oversees the Garden along with Joel Romero, head of environmental services at GIVE ME A CHANCE.  Both maintain the garden in its pristine loveliness so the women and children we serve can enjoy it as well as the local community who can visit the garden from 10 am – 2 pm during our regular hours.

As visitors walked through the garden, some remarked how beautiful it is and others said they were unaware the garden was here.  Still others said they had frequently driven by and had admired its beauty.

At the end of the day many enjoyed the garden and also learned of the various programs for women and children at GIVE ME A CHANCE.