Donation Information for the Community

Often, kind members of the community reach out to us and give us donations. We at Give Me A Chance are always grateful for the charity that is shown to us and that we are in the thoughts of those in our community.

Sadly, there are always going to be things that we are not able to use at our learning center. A lot of times we donate what we cannot use to other non-profits or local organizations that could use the items, but the time it takes to separate donations is time that could be used elsewhere.

With this in mind, folks often ask us what sort of donations we accept for Give Me A Chance’s programs & students. So we’ve provided a detailed list on what we can accept, and what we cannot. If you’d like to donate something that isn’t on either list, feel free to reach out to us at (801) 627-2235 and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Thank you again to those in the community who have donated to us in the past to help us do what we do!