8th Annual “Enchantment in the Summer Garden” Dinner 2022

We are announcing our 2022 Enchantment in the Summer Garden Dinner! Everyone at Give Me A Chance is excited to be hosting this charity event, as it is enjoyed by many members in our community.

RSVPs for our 8th annual dinner have already been mailed out! If you have not received one in the mail yet, you can also apply through our website here. Due to the size of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Garden (our venue for the evening), there is a limit of 200 people allowed at the event. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR THE DAY OF THE EVENT.

A small reminder that no one under 21 years old is allowed on the premises, as there will be alcohol served. If you are interested in having wine or beer with your dinner, please bring your drivers license or ID! These IDs are needed to purchase alcohol from the bartenders.